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The most important for us is when our client has a claim, what is coming next – meaning what the client will receive as an indemnification and how fast.
We at Renewable Energy Insurance Broker know that every claim can cause your business loss of profit and eventual problems with some financial institutions. Therefore we do claims handling service as quickly as possible.
You can notify us for a claim 24/7 by email, phone call or use our online claim forms. Once registered damage we will immediately inform the insurer about it. Then Renewable Energy Insurance Broker will provide you with a list of all required documents.
Depends of the size of the claim we can organize:

  • for a big one where a site visit is required – experts from the insurance company
  • for a small one – we send our expert to do a report

      The good news for us is that our clients with claims are our best customers and also those people who recommend Renewable Energy Insurance Broker as a correct and loyal partner in the solar insurance business.

Why choose us to insure your PV project?

  • We are specialists on the solar insurance field.
  • We work only with A rated insurance companies.
  • We can provide solar insurance package for your PV plant worldwide.
  • We can make your PV project more bankable.
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