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REIB осигури пълно изплащане на щета за три милиона евро в рамките само на четири месеца

Климатичните промени носят заплахи за соларните паркове и от изключително значение са опитните партньори. “Микрокраковете” са скритата заплаха за фотоволтаичните паркове. Не се забелязват с просто око, а след години могат да причинят повреди върху модула и да доведат до сериозни материални и финансови загуби. За да се открият те и да се оцени реалното […]

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Energy battery storage system insurance

Energy storage is key to achieving a sustainable energy transition and REIB offers a good insurance solution for it

Central Eastern Europe is moving towards sustainable development and stronger energy security. The importance of the renewable energy sector is growing fast. The region has achieved breakthroughs in green energy supply over the past year with unprecedented growth in installed capacity. Investing in energy storage solutions is a logical next step. Various energy storage technologies […]

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REIB secures EUR 3 million in damages for solar power plant owner in four months

Overview: Extreme weather events like flooding, high winds, hail, wildfires, and lightning can damage photovoltaic installations. They often result in long-term performance and financial losses. Considering the proliferation of extreme weather events in the past few years, cases like these are only likely to become more common – and renewable energy producers should be ready […]

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