Energy Storage

Energy Storage

As an insurance broker, REIB's next step was to enter the energy storage sector. So we can provide comprehensive insurance coverage for developers and owners/asset management businesses. As well as their projects, during the development, construction, and operational phases.
Large-scale energy storage projects are now a vital component of the US energy market's future. With the National Grid having a requirement to obtain ‘backup’ storage in order to increase stable energy supply and subsequently meet their active power output target.
The insurance market is still unfamiliar with energy storage. Therefore, in its early stages, REIB collaborated with industry leaders to develop an insurance coverage exclusively for energy storage projects.
Energy storage

We provide insurance protection for more than 60 MW capacity of Battery Energy Storage Systems worldwide.

In addition, our co-workers in Europe cooperate with the pioneers of energy storage in Germany. Therefore, the projects are ranging from 1 MW up to 50MW together with several other systems:

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – Lithium-ion, Lead – titanate etc. /Pumped Hydroelectricity Storage (PHS) / Pumped Heat Electricity Storage / Liquid Air Energy Storage / Hydrogen / Flywheel / Supercapacitor

REIB can offer a full range of covers from start to finish. Including feasibility studies, development, construction and operation phase.

Marine / Transit / Transport insurance
Contractors/Erection All Risks
Delay in Start-Up (Advance Loss of Profit)
Public Liability
Operational All Risks (Incl. Damage, Breakdown, Loss of Revenue)
Environmental Liability
Public Liability
Extended Loss of Revenue Indemnity Period (18 Months)
Extended Loss of Revenue Cover for Damage to Grid/Substations
Cover for Imported Energy or Energy Stored
Decommissioning Bonds
Cyber Attacks
Defective Title/Chancel etc.

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