Hydro Power

Hydro Power

Hydro power is the largest single renewable energy source for generated electricity in the United States.
For example, hydro power generates about 7% of total utility-scale electricity generation in the US in 2018. Accounting for 41% of all being generated from renewable energy sources.
At REIB our focus are clients and asset management companies, owners, developers, installers and contractors with tailored needs and various risks. Ranging from liability to transport of the components, breakdowns and physical damage to both prior and post-commissioning.
hydro power Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Еrrors & omissions (E&O)
Contractors/Erection All Risks insurance
Delay in Start Up / Advanced Profits Insurance
Goods in Transit Insurance / Marine Insurance / Transport insurance
Environmental Liability Insurance
Legal Expenses
Reinstatement / Decommissioning Insurance (Alternative to a bond)
All Risks Insurance Cover for Plant / Equipment
Loss of Revenue Insurance (Business Interruption cover)
Public Liability Insurance
Legal Expenses

Production risk

Hydropower depends primarily on the amount of water in the turbine. That is to say is driven by inflow, changes in reservoir water levels, and overflow. Plant availability is also important. But is usually indicated on a separate cover page. If power is sold at spot prices, this will be an important factor in the overall risk profile which REIB (through our A-rated insurers) offers to hedge in traded power markets.

Risk solution and data requirement

The client provides all the historical data of daily production of the hydroelectric plant to be covered. Through our A-rated insurance company, and our clients we have jointly established an index that reflects the power generation of these power plants.

Cost Control

Above all, cost control is integral part of effective and optimal risk management of volume and price risks across all businesses.

Safeguard Revenues

In addition, enables utilities to keep earnings promises to the capital markets and shareholders.

Achieve Targets

Provides control over the ability to achieve business plan targets and improves the efficiency to plan capital investments.
REIB not only obtained customized insurance for hydropower, but also trusted by insurance companies to underwrite hydropower and issue insurance policies for its operating business. As a result, the whole quoting process is accelerated and allows competitive conditions for our clients in terms of the policy. Meanwhile, REIB works are “A” rated or better insurance companies and meet all banks and lenders standards.

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