Wind Power

Wind Power

The energy produced by wind power is rapidly expanding worldwide. Therefore, there are various advantages to wind power over other forms of energy. The renewable industry has been harnessing wind power for years now. As a result it has become the world’s fastest-growing energy source.

REIB offers engineering insurance from leading global carriers with extensive experience in insuring wind turbine risks. The wind farm insurance policies are tailored to the specific risks that wind turbines present:

Windstorm or lightning damage to blades
Failure of gearbox, generator or windings
Fire in the turbine nacelle
Fire of substation transformer

Additionally to all tailor-made coverage, numerous other insurance products that can be provided across the full wind power project development and operational cycle including:

  • Marine Cargo
  • Marine delay in start-up
  • Ground and soil conditions
  • Wind force disruption
  • Construction all risk
  • Construction delay in start-up
  • Operational all risk
  • Substations and power delivery
  • Business interruption
  • General liability
  • Terrorism

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