Renewable Energy Insurance Broker is proud to announce a new PV package for investors, banks, O&M contractors for PV installations in Bulgaria. Our complex product include better prices for insurance and security. If you are interested in saving money and get high quality service, please contact us for more details.

Mr. Iliev we first got in touch with you to tell us about the new insurance product for photovoltaic installations? 
I am pleased to present the long-awaited specialized insurance product for PV plants which we have developed with colleagues from a local insurer in Bulgaria. Loss of income for solar parks is already on the insurance market.

What exactly do you mean?
To explain you better I will give you next example: We have a PV plant and claim caused by overvoltage/short circuit, leading to a partial failure for 23 days.

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We would like to announce that last week Renewable Energy Insurance Broker insured our fifth PV park in Romania. It means we have covered more then 27 MWp installations only in that country. Our solar insurance broker is negotiations with prospect clients/ owners of photovoltaic parks in Italy, Germany, UK, Romania and Bulgaria - total capacity 106 MWp. Renewable Energy Insurance Broker is an international insurance broker specializes in solar insurance. We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria and work with our partners in Germany, Italy, UK and Romania. Renewable Energy Insurance Broker has a license to provide service for all EU countries.

The decline overall in Europe’s PV market in 2012 hides various realities at national level; the market evolution was very different from one country to another. Even in Germany, the apparent market stability is the result of a chaotic evolution, due to regulatory changes and hectic responses from investors. Germany has seen three consecutive years with a roughly stable 7.4-7.6 GW of connections, leading to a total installed capacity in the country of a record 32.4 GW. This was accompanied by a progressive evolution in market dynamics, with 2012 showing PV gradually becoming self-sustainable. With PV’s Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) now lower than the price of retail electricity, at least in the residential and commercial segments in Germany, PV development can be at least partially driven by self-consumption rather than only FiTs.

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